Is the university the vehicle of Logos in human history? - Shared screen with speaker view
Mbagathi Red Room
I have a question.
Mbagathi Red Room
Question: Despair is also a denial of causality, of our own causative power and that of God. In your experience, is there a social despair in African countries, a despair about our capacity to change the larger political landscape? And what is the relationship between Logos and Hope?
Mbagathi Red Room
Question: Perhaps as a parting shot, what lessons can African universities draw from this discussion and the trend you have noted in Western education?
H. T. G4
If the Islam or Arabs have that unsophistication, why is the economy of Middle Eastern doing well. Consider their airlines such as Emirates, Qatar etc. Islam is also quite serious in those countries compared to Christianity.
H. T. G4
An intellectual revolution!!!